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e.l.f. Little Black Book Warm Edition-Eye Edition in Warm

16 Dec

Once again, e.l.f. surprises me with an amazing makeup product this is super cheep.  This 48 color eye shadow (each shadow is small) palette is only $5!  You can buy this awesome palette here.  I really like the color selection in this palette, there are a bunch of neutral shades and some more colorful shades for when you want something different.  The pigmentation is overall very good, some shades are better than others.  This is a palette I couldn’t live with out!
























$5 Travel Face Brush!

18 Nov

One of my favorite makeup brushes I own is my forever 21 travel retractable face brush!  This brush was only $4.80, and is super soft.  It is very versatile and can apply blush, powder, and much more.  The packaging is cute, but kind of flimsy.  The lid clicks on to the bottom a bit weirdly, but I don’t think that that really changes how much I love this brush.  For about $5 this is a brush everyone should have.









Naked 2 Palette

2 Nov

Today I am going to review one of my all time favorite eye shadow palettes, the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay!  I love the colors in this palette, and use it almost every day.  The Naked 2 palette is usually $50, at or  I think that price is well worth it because you get 12 high quality shadows, a double sided “good karma” eye shadow brush, and a mini lipgloss.  The palette first came in the box like this:




This palette has very sturdy and good looking packaging, and the mirror is nice and big.  The “Lip Junkie” lip gloss in Naked (0.11oz), is a really pretty neutral medium red/pink color that I love.  The double ended brush in this palette is the BEST brush I own, and I use it even in looks that I don’t use this palette for.


The inside…





Foxy:  Matte creme highlight

Half Baked:  Super Shimmery gold

Booty Call:  Slightly metallic Matte pink

Chopper: Metallic copper with glitter in it, I like the color but not the glitter

Tease:  Matte grayish lavender

Snake Bite:  Dark shimmery brown

Suspect:  Light Shimmery brown

Pistol: Shimmery Gray

Verve:  Shimmery light brown/white

YDK: Super Shimmery light pinkish brown

Busted:  Metallic Dark purple

Blackout: Super pigmented matte black


This palette is amazing quality, with tons of pretty colors.  There are only three matte colors, Foxy, Tease, and Blackout.  Booty call and Busted have a slight shimmer, Half Baked, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, and Verve are shimmery, and YDK is super shimmery.  Chopper is the only color that has small pieces of glitter in it.  All of the colors (except blackout) are light (Foxy, Booty call) or mid toned  so, if you want a big variety, many matte colors, and/or a darker look this may not be the best palette for you.  But, if you are like me and like a more natural look with some shine, this is the perfect palette for you.  I have heard that the original Naked palette has more variation in color darkness.  Also, take in to consideration that this palette has more cool toned colors, and the original Naked palette has warmer toned colors.  One other thing I like about this palette and gloss is the fact that they both have a slight minty sweet smell (that is very hard to describe).




MAC All That Glitters

9 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I finally bought a MAC eyeshadow, even though I have been trying to resist it for a while.  I am soooooooooo in love with it.  This is a perfect brownish gold color, with just enough glitter.  I use this almost every day. These pictures are ok, so I got a little picture from the MAC site for you all but you really should go to a store and see it from yourself.



The color is a bit richer than in the picture


This picture is pretty good, but it has less glitter specks and more light brown.


I got this picture from the MAC website, it has more gold than in this pic


MAC eyeshadows are usually about $15 for 0.04 0z/1.3g. It is so worth it:-)




Makeup Alley App :-)

30 Sep

Most of you have been on Makeup Ally (a great site with makeup product reviews and other cool stuff), but have any of you seen the Makeup Ally app?  This is a great app for iPhones (and maybe other phones?) that lets you find great reviews on most makeup products instantly.  On the website you need an account to access most of the reviews and cool feature, but on the app you don’t.  This app is free on iTunes.  Here are some screen shots of the app:

The screen you seen when you first open the app

Once you type in the product line a space for Brand and Category pops up.

Once you put in your product you get a list of reviews.

Tell me what you this about this app and the site!  I am thinking about getting an account on Makeup Alley, do any of you think it is worth it???



Awsome YouTube Channel

28 Sep

I just wanted to let you guys know about and awesome YouTube channel called Beauty Broadcast (username: emilynoel83).  She has great videos on both drugstore and high-end products, and does many tutorials.  There are also some really helpful videos on dupes.  I love looking through all of the videos on this channel, and I highly recommend you check it out.


Mac Eye Shadow Dupes


Surprisingly Awesome Makeup Products





Paris Makeup

26 Sep

Hi!  Today I am going to show you guys what makeup I brought on my Paris trip.  I tried to keep what I brought pretty minimal, and I brought drugstore makeup because I didn’t want anything nicer getting beat up.  I ended up bringing mostly ELF, because I love that brand!  For those of you that don’t know, ELF is a really cheep brand found at Target (also at  Most of their products are really nice.


Here is all that I brought (+ something else, will explain later):

Bag: SOHO or whatever, I’ve seen it at Target

Kabuki ELF Powder Face Brush

Origins Powder Eyeliner Brush

Sephora Crease Brush

VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Light Beige

Almay intense i-color, in 401 smoky-i for browns:  Lol the name is fun-i:-)  Really great colors, really pigmented, a really pretty shimmer!

ELF Brightening Eye Color in Butternut and Day 2 Night:  These are the best shadows EVER!!! They are only $1 each!!!  Great quality and price:-)

ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral: Beautiful Coral with a bit of gold shimmer!

bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara in espresso:  A great natural looking mascara.  Nice brush and formula.

ELF Eyelid primer:  This is ok, but it doesn’t really do much. It was only a dollar so I can’t expect much…

ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in nude


I also brought ELF Concealer and Highliter duo, but I threw it out because it was pretty much useless.

I hope you enjoyed my list and mini reviews!





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