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25 Mar

I am so excited for spring!  Well, more like spring fashion.  One of my favorite spring stores is Areopostale.  I don’t usually like their winter stuff (except their basic sweat shirts, and great camis), but they have great essentials for spring.  I noticed that this collection has some pieces that look a lot like the Abercrombie & Fitch signature designs.


The originals



The aero versions



Here are my favorite pieces for this season:

Those are just a few of my favs! 🙂






8 Mar

Lately I have been loving the store Anthropologie (thanks Rebecca!).  The clothes are not really my style, but I love the mix of jewelry, home decor, and other really cute things they have their.  I recently got a set of bracelet/hair ties,  which are super cute (sorry, they are not on the web site)!  I also love the cute wall letters.  They also have cool jewelery,  which is usually in a good price range.  The thing I am most excited about (hard to choses one!) are the DIY charm necklaces.  All you do is chose a chain, then choose charms!  Here is their online necklace maker tool: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/category/diy+charms/jewelryaccessories-charm-interactive.jsp!  Do you like Anthropologie?






27 Feb

If you are really overwhelmed by Forever 21, but like cheep clothing you might try H&M.  H&M is like an organized Forever 21, but with the same price range.  I haven’t had tons of time to shop there, mostly because I don’t live very close to one.  But, I love what I have seen!  Here are some of my fav pieces from the web site (sorry about the small pics):

$17.95 Dress

$24.95 False suede pumps

$9.95 Bracelet

$17.95 Blouse

I hope this post wasn’t to small!



How to shop at Forever 21

31 Jan

Forever 21 is a great store to shop at, you just have to know how.  First off it is super cheap, probably the main reason why it is so popular.  But that low price comes at a price (lame joke!).  Forever 21 stores are HUGE, and their stock is not organized, so in order to find a few cute pieces you have to look through the racks for about an hour.  Not only does Forever 21 sell clothes but it also sells make up, accessories, nail polish, and just about every other thing you could think of.  Don’t expect very good quality, because you get what you pay for!  Here are my fave pieces from Forever right now:

Purple sweater dress - $20ish

Glitter Nail Polish-$2.50

I saw a set of “chunky glitter” polishes last time I was there!



Hope you liked my post!




All images from http://www.forever21.com

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