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31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 12-Stripes

9 Dec

My stripes didn’t come out as I had planned, to say the least.  By now, most of you have learned that I am horrible at nail art, and today is no exception.  I used love & beauty’s (or Forever 21) mauve and light grey ($2.80) each.  These polishes were over very nice, and only needed one coat!  A little bit of leftover purple got on my nail art brush, so the stripes on my left thumb have a little extra “pizzazz” .







Any tips on how I can improve my nail art skills?





$5 Travel Face Brush!

18 Nov

One of my favorite makeup brushes I own is my forever 21 travel retractable face brush!  This brush was only $4.80, and is super soft.  It is very versatile and can apply blush, powder, and much more.  The packaging is cute, but kind of flimsy.  The lid clicks on to the bottom a bit weirdly, but I don’t think that that really changes how much I love this brush.  For about $5 this is a brush everyone should have.









31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 9-Rainbow Nails

12 Oct

First off, I just want to apologizes because my nails are soooo discustingly short.  I was trying to grown them out, and then two of them broke so I had to cut them all off 😦 😦 :-(.  But on to the manicure, I really like this one.  The design isn’t very good for fall, but I think it is still pretty cute.



Wet n’ Wild in Everybody Loves Redmond, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, China Glaze in Celtic Sun, love & beauty (forever 21) in Teal, Milani in Breezy, Sinful Colors in Let’s Talk, and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I also used a small paint brush for my polka dots.



Left Hand



Right Hand





p.s. I will do a review on Seche Vite when I use it a couple more time

How to shop at Forever 21

31 Jan

Forever 21 is a great store to shop at, you just have to know how.  First off it is super cheap, probably the main reason why it is so popular.  But that low price comes at a price (lame joke!).  Forever 21 stores are HUGE, and their stock is not organized, so in order to find a few cute pieces you have to look through the racks for about an hour.  Not only does Forever 21 sell clothes but it also sells make up, accessories, nail polish, and just about every other thing you could think of.  Don’t expect very good quality, because you get what you pay for!  Here are my fave pieces from Forever right now:

Purple sweater dress - $20ish

Glitter Nail Polish-$2.50

I saw a set of “chunky glitter” polishes last time I was there!



Hope you liked my post!




All images from http://www.forever21.com

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