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Makeup Alley App :-)

30 Sep

Most of you have been on Makeup Ally (a great site with makeup product reviews and other cool stuff), but have any of you seen the Makeup Ally app?  This is a great app for iPhones (and maybe other phones?) that lets you find great reviews on most makeup products instantly.  On the website you need an account to access most of the reviews and cool feature, but on the app you don’t.  This app is free on iTunes.  Here are some screen shots of the app:

The screen you seen when you first open the app

Once you type in the product line a space for Brand and Category pops up.

Once you put in your product you get a list of reviews.

Tell me what you this about this app and the site!  I am thinking about getting an account on Makeup Alley, do any of you think it is worth it???




Great Apps!

23 Feb

Since it is winter break I have been using my iPod touch a lot lately.  Here are my favorite games:

Temple Run- Free-   You guys probably already know about this, but I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.  I this game you run along a track, and have to jump over stuff, slide under stuff, turn corners, and a bunch of other stuff.  This game does not have levels, so you just go until you die, then you start over again.  Here is a website all about Temple run: http://www.templeruncheat.com/.

Doodle Jump- $0.99- Really fun game where you just jump on to platforms, and keeps jumping.  It doesn’t have levels.  This is one of my all time fav apps.

Tiny Tower- Free-  Really fun game!  Grow you own tower, get bitizens (people), and start businesses.

Cut the rope-$0.99 (?)- This game has levels, and basically what you do is try to get the candy to the (good) monster but cutting ropes.

Plants vs. Zombies $2.99- Use various types of plants to keep the Zombies from eating your brains.  This game is not graphic, and it is more fun than it sounds.

Lock Screen- Free or $.99- Create really cool backgrounds for your lock screen. You can even make the gray part colored!

That is only some of my favorite apps!



p.s.  No, I did not forget angry birds,  I really don;t think that game is as good as everybody says it is.

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