YouTube Makeup touturials

22 Feb

A great way to get make up advice is to go on YouTube and look at some of the many totturials.  There are how to’s, videos of collections, and many other make up related things.  Here is part of a post on YouTube makeup toturials from one of my favorite blogs, “Tales of a teenage fashionista”:
Below each name, I’ll post an example of their work so you get a taste of their genius. Enjoy!

1. Dulceandy87, a well-known Youtuber and an incredible makeup artist and fashionista.

2.. Meghanheartsmakeup- yet ANOTHER Youtuber. Like the others, she releases many creative and awesome videos and tutorials.

3. Macbarbie07- another Youtuber. I can’t help it- there are so many of them!

4. AllThatGlitters21 and Juicystar07, the famous Fowler sisters and Youtubers. These girls are the best of the best. They’re like modern makeup princesses, with huge dressers full of hundreds of eyeshadows, a whole room just for their makeup collections, and of course natural beauty to make Cinderella jealous.

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2 Responses to “YouTube Makeup touturials”

  1. peacelovedreamblog June 9, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Hi, I’m Rebecca’s friend and she recommended your blog to me…I just wanted to recommend another beauty, makeup, and style channel to you: missglamorazzi. She’s amazing and updates about every other day!


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