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Nail Stickers Study-Taking Claire’s Stickers off

13 Feb

So, I origonally put these Claire’s nail stickers on on 1/28, and today on 2/12 I am taking them off!  They still look perfect!  There is a pic of them tonight at the bottom of the post.  I will post a pic of my Sally Hanson nail stickers, and a how to put them on post soon. I need to give my nails a couple days to breath!




Nail Stickers – Study Claire’s (update)

8 Feb

Wow, my $7 Claire’s nail stickers are still going strong! No chips yet!  And this is the twelfth day (the box said they would stay on for ten).  I really want to move on to the next brand though… I might take them off soon.  What do you think I should do?  If you are wondering what I am doing read the earlier posts in this category.



Nail Stickers Study-Claire’s

30 Jan

On Saturday I was at Claire’s  shopping for a certain younger friend of mine, and I saw super cute nail stickers ($7)!  I think they took me 6 or 7 mins. to put on.  Saturday was day one of the Claire’s nail stickers, so they haven’t chipped or anything yet…

Here they are:

P.S.  They are cuter in real life!!!




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