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Coral, Orange, and Pink, oh my!

16 Apr

My three favorite colors for spring! ¬†Here is a little inspiration ūüôā :




American Eagle




Essie, Sure Shot


OPI, Mod-ern girl


dELiAs (sorry the pic is so small!)






Trend Alert!

14 Mar

Hey you guys!  Sorry for my sporadic posting, I am trying my best.  I just wanted to tell you all about a soon to be BIG trend, Toms shoes!!!  I have already seen a bunch of people out and about with them.  They were kind of popular last year, and this year they will probably be a huge trend!  When ever you buy a pair, the company gives a pair to a poor kid in Africa.  Mine should come in the mail any day.  If you are going to get them, you should order them soon, because I heard that the company is running out of their stock and having trouble keeping up with all of the orders.  I will write a review about mine as soon as I get them!




Neon Accents Trend

1 Feb

Welcome spring with the newest trend, neon accents!  Wearing neon is not very easy, but if done right it can have some serious results.  Really the only way to wear neon is to wear neutrals like white, black or gray to balance out your pop of color.   Example: if you were going to wear bright pink pants, it would be a good idea to wear a gray top with a black cami.  What ever you do try to have fun with it!  Here are some starter neon pieces:

Anslem Reyle for Dior

$40 at dELia’s

$20 (ish)  at http://www.slapwatch.com


Essie Nail Polish

Also try scarfs, earrings, shirts, and what ever else you want!




Essie Nail picutre from  pic from http://aboutfashionstyle.com/fashion-trend/neon-accessories-for-women/

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