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OOTD: Rainy Day

13 Nov

american eagle crystal button cardigan, in cellary (the color in this pic is too yellow)  via




This pic is similar to the original shirt I wore, which was from Target

Hunter Boots in Purple via

I also wore dark skinny jeans!






OOTD: Plaid

27 Oct

My first OOTD!  (Sorry, but I would rather not post pics of myself…)


American Eagle plaid flannel western shirt                                                                                                           via


Pink by VS Essential V-Neck, in Pastel blue (5th from top)                                                                               via


Plain white cami


American Eagle jegging in authentic dark indigo                                                                                                     via


Shoes: undecided…:-)





How to wear sweat shirts

16 Feb

Everybody likes to cozy up in their favorite sweatshirt, and here is a few rules on how to do it and still look cute:

1. NEVER wear matching sweat pants and shirts (unless you are doing an athletic activity or something like that).

2. Always make sure that the shirt or cami under your sweatshirt goes with your sweat shirt, don’t just pair them randomly

3. Be careful when zipping you sweat shirt up all the way (especially juicy/velour sweat shirts).

4. If you are wearing a sweat shirt as a the main part of your out fit make sure you are wearing and actual shirt under it.  You WILL get too hot, and you WILL regret wearing nothing under your sweat shirt.

Hope you liked my tips!



Juicy Couture – Origional Velour Hoody $98

American Eagle – AE striped terry hoody $39.50

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