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Super Easy Snow Nails!

5 Dec

Today I did a super easy snow mani, and used  Confetti Ice Ice baby over China glaze Sea Spray.  For my final look I used one coat of Sea Spray (thats all I needed :-)!), and three coats of Ice Ice baby for a super glittery result.  Both of these polishes are very good quality and are easy to work with.  I really love this mani, and it was super easy!  Sorry my hands look really orange in the pictures…



Just China Glaze Sea Spray, I only needed on coat!





One Coat of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray




Two Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray





Three Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray, with one coat of Seche Vite top coat





A close up of my nail after Three Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray, with one coat of seche vite top coat (My camera didn’t capture the sparkles on the right side)





PS  Have trouble doing real nail art, like me?  You would probably find this funny 🙂


31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 10-Gradient Nails

17 Nov

Today I finally  did my gradient nails!  I used Zoya in Megan, China Glaze in Spontaneous, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gray Area.  I will put the link to the tutorial I used at the bottom of the post.  Obviously, my version didn’t come out as well.  I guess it is an okay first try, but it is a bit too stripy.  I also got the colors mixed up on my right hand.  The sponge I used was pretty big so I got a lot of polish around my cuticles, and I just did this mani so it hasn’t pealed off yet.










31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 9-Rainbow Nails

12 Oct

First off, I just want to apologizes because my nails are soooo discustingly short.  I was trying to grown them out, and then two of them broke so I had to cut them all off 😦 😦 :-(.  But on to the manicure, I really like this one.  The design isn’t very good for fall, but I think it is still pretty cute.



Wet n’ Wild in Everybody Loves Redmond, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, China Glaze in Celtic Sun, love & beauty (forever 21) in Teal, Milani in Breezy, Sinful Colors in Let’s Talk, and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I also used a small paint brush for my polka dots.



Left Hand



Right Hand





p.s. I will do a review on Seche Vite when I use it a couple more time

BLOG NEGLECT!!! + 31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 6 Violet x2

23 Aug

I don’t even want to know when the last time I posted was.  It has been far too long:-(  I promise to get on a more regular blogging schedule as I go back to school.  To make it up to you all, I have a double swatch today!  I also promise to have some non polish related posts… lol

My first purple (or violet) swatch is China Glaze Spontaneous.  This is a really pretty plain purple without any shimmer or glitter.  I first used this polish a couple of weeks back, and it stayed on for about a week with some minor chips.  I really like this polish’s formula, it only took two coats to get a great color.  I get China Glazes at 2 for $10 (I think) at my local Sally’s beauty.

(Sorry for the pic quality, this is the most accurate colorwise)

My second Swatch for you is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Deep Purple.  The color is actually a lot more purple in person, and not as blue as in this picture.  This color is very shimmery, and if you look very closley you can see red and blue shimmer specks.  This a beautiful color I would recomend to everyone.  I will keep you all updated on how long this lasts!

I also wanted to share a cool new kind of remover bottle that I found at CVS.  Most of you have probably already seen this, but this bottle despenses the polish when you push a cotton swab on the top of it.  This is very handy, and helps you get just the right amount of polish.



31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 3 Yellow Nails

2 Jun

For my yellow nails I used China Glaze’s Celtic Sun.  This is a great color, but it was very hard to apply.  It took me 5 coats to get the color that I wanted, because the formula was thin and streaky.   In real life the bottle looks much more neon, but the nails look almost the same.  I think if I applied this color over a coat of white it color would take less coats and be much brighter.





Marbled Nails

11 Apr

Yesterday I tried out the marble nails trend for the first time!  It was really fun.  If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a good tutorial I found on YouTube:

My observations:

The tutorial part starts at 1:10

You can use vaseline instead of tape to keep the polish off your nails

I think the pattern looks better with more than two colors

You don’t have to pick up all of the polish with the tooth pick after you put you nail on the design,  but the design won’t be as good


I started by just doing an accent nail

Polishes I used: OPI “Manicurist of Seville”, China Glaze “Awakening” Essie “Ballet Slippers”






P.S.  The polishes I used came out redder than they really are in the photos!

“Swing Baby” by China Glaze

30 Mar

A couple of days I went to Sally’s Beauty, and they were having a great sale on China Glaze so I got a couple of colors.  My favorite color that I got was called Swing Baby.  It is a really pretty metallic gold color.  It took me about three coats to get the consistency I wanted, so this color would probably look on top of any other color.  Sorry for the bad picture quality!






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