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31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 12-Stripes

9 Dec

My stripes didn’t come out as I had planned, to say the least.  By now, most of you have learned that I am horrible at nail art, and today is no exception.  I used love & beauty’s (or Forever 21) mauve and light grey ($2.80) each.  These polishes were over very nice, and only needed one coat!  A little bit of leftover purple got on my nail art brush, so the stripes on my left thumb have a little extra “pizzazz” .







Any tips on how I can improve my nail art skills?





Super Easy Snow Nails!

5 Dec

Today I did a super easy snow mani, and used  Confetti Ice Ice baby over China glaze Sea Spray.  For my final look I used one coat of Sea Spray (thats all I needed :-)!), and three coats of Ice Ice baby for a super glittery result.  Both of these polishes are very good quality and are easy to work with.  I really love this mani, and it was super easy!  Sorry my hands look really orange in the pictures…



Just China Glaze Sea Spray, I only needed on coat!





One Coat of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray




Two Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray





Three Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray, with one coat of Seche Vite top coat





A close up of my nail after Three Coats of Ice Ice Baby over Sea Spray, with one coat of seche vite top coat (My camera didn’t capture the sparkles on the right side)





PS  Have trouble doing real nail art, like me?  You would probably find this funny 🙂

Nail Art lols

27 Nov

Story of my life!





31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 11-Polka Dots

24 Nov

Today I did my Polka Dot nails, with Essie’s Ballet slippers and a random Sally’s beauty mini polish.  The dots turned out okay, considering it was only my second time doing this pattern.



31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 10-Gradient Nails

17 Nov

Today I finally  did my gradient nails!  I used Zoya in Megan, China Glaze in Spontaneous, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gray Area.  I will put the link to the tutorial I used at the bottom of the post.  Obviously, my version didn’t come out as well.  I guess it is an okay first try, but it is a bit too stripy.  I also got the colors mixed up on my right hand.  The sponge I used was pretty big so I got a lot of polish around my cuticles, and I just did this mani so it hasn’t pealed off yet.










Sephora by-OPI-Living in Cin-Namon

23 Oct

Today I have another polish swatch for you, Living in Cin-Namon from Sephora by OPI.  I bought this along with S-Age is just a number, last time I went to Sephora.  Living in Cin-Namon is a really pretty sparkly reddish-brown that is perfect for fall!  This is a  nice polish, that took 2 coats.  It went about 3 days before chipping at the tips, even with my Seche Vite top coat:-(.  I geuss this is just because dark colors show chips easier.  This polish is $9.50 at As usual, my picture are not very good.  I really need a better camera…








PS  I have a lot in store for you all!  Reviews, nail art attempts, and my 100th post:-)

Sephora by OPI – S-Age is just a number

16 Oct

“S-age is just a number” is one of my favorite polishes ever!  Even though it looks more interesting in the bottle, it still looks really good on nails.  This is a really pretty gold color, with just a hint of bronze.  In the bottle it looks like it will have more blue, but the blue really only shows in the perfect light when it is on.  This polish has a really nice consistency  you could even get away with using just one coat!  I used two, mainly just out of habit :-).  Sephora by OPI is usually $9.50 at Sephora stores and on the Sephora Website. As usual, my camera couldn’t really capture the real color, so I also took a picture from the Sephora website.













PS I promise I will have some fall colors coming soon!

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