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How to wear sweat shirts

16 Feb

Everybody likes to cozy up in their favorite sweatshirt, and here is a few rules on how to do it and still look cute:

1. NEVER wear matching sweat pants and shirts (unless you are doing an athletic activity or something like that).

2. Always make sure that the shirt or cami under your sweatshirt goes with your sweat shirt, don’t just pair them randomly

3. Be careful when zipping you sweat shirt up all the way (especially juicy/velour sweat shirts).

4. If you are wearing a sweat shirt as a the main part of your out fit make sure you are wearing and actual shirt under it.  You WILL get too hot, and you WILL regret wearing nothing under your sweat shirt.

Hope you liked my tips!



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How to wear Uggs!

2 Feb

Uggs have been a HUGE winter trend for years.  Here are my do’s and dont’s (well, more like don’ts)  for wearing uggs:

1. Do not try to tuck your wide leg jeans and sweatpants in to your uggs!  It just doesn’t work.  And don’t even think about leaving half of the hem sticking out of your boots.  Also don’t try to put your jeans over your uggs.

2. Do not wear uggs with a dumpy tee-shirt and sweat pants.  You will look like you are going to fall asleep right on the street.  Note:  Some fashionistas can pull this look off with the right color combos!

3. Stay away from knockoff uggs.  Counterfeiting is illegal, and you are actually taking money away from the ugg company when you do it.

4. Don’t wear uggs with shorts.  Uggs are for WINTER!  Wearing knee socks with uggs also doesn’t improve you look!

Hope you liked my tips!



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