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31 Day Nail Challenge-Day 11-Polka Dots

24 Nov

Today I did my Polka Dot nails, with Essie’s Ballet slippers and a random Sally’s beauty mini polish.  The dots turned out okay, considering it was only my second time doing this pattern.




Marbled Nails

11 Apr

Yesterday I tried out the marble nails trend for the first time!  It was really fun.  If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a good tutorial I found on YouTube:

My observations:

The tutorial part starts at 1:10

You can use vaseline instead of tape to keep the polish off your nails

I think the pattern looks better with more than two colors

You don’t have to pick up all of the polish with the tooth pick after you put you nail on the design,  but the design won’t be as good


I started by just doing an accent nail

Polishes I used: OPI “Manicurist of Seville”, China Glaze “Awakening” Essie “Ballet Slippers”






P.S.  The polishes I used came out redder than they really are in the photos!


21 Mar

Yay!  I finally got my Toms in the mail.  I decided to go with the aqua crochet ones instead of the normal ones.  I LOVE my Toms!   They make every outfit look effortlessly chic but you must be careful, because they can easily look a bit like slippers.  Toms come in many colors and styles.  They come in styles from glitter to plain to crochet and more.  It is probably a good idea to order yours now because they are selling out fast.  They are becoming a HUGE trend!  Also,  F.Y.I. you should order your Toms half a size bigger than you really are because they stretch out a bit.

I also recently heard that essie was making a polish to benefit Toms!  There is a picture of the polish at the bottom of this post.  I really hope I can find it 🙂

My shoes are darker in person!

The logo.

The polish




Nail Polish Wish List

17 Mar

Here is my polish wish list:

OPI “significant other color”

OPI “Metallic 4 Life”

Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday”

China Glaze “Thunder Bird”

Essie “Go Over Board”

That is just part of my long list!  What are your favorite brands of nail polish?



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