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Spring Fashion favs!

2 Mar

Sorry for all the weird and random posts lately, I have been a bit lazy about my blogging.  In this  post I will tell you about the trends I am most excited about for this spring.  I promise there will be more to come!


Here is a dress I bought this winter that I am really excited to wear!  Floral dresses are great for spring (duh!).

dELiA’s $50ish (I took this photo myself!)



I really hope rompers are back in style.

Macy’s $36 Be Bop Romper



I think Toms are going to be back in style this year.  I love these crochet ones!  But, be careful when wearing toms, they can look a little like slippers when worn wrong.  P.S. For every pair you buy Toms gives a pair of shoes to a kid in Africa!

Tom’s Silver Crochet Women’s Classics



Super cute purse!  I want it soooooooo bad!

Coach $148 Madison graphic op art fashion swingback


That is just a small list of the spring stuff I want!





Work out chic

6 Feb

A big thing I have been seeing lately is trendy work out gear.   The most popular brand of this is probably Lululemon.  Lululemon sells pants, tanks, shorts, and every other thing you could ever need to work out.  Lulu is expensive, but the clothes are well made, flattering,  and super comfy.  There are a lot of stores that  do the whole trendy athletic gear thing, and for a lot cheaper.  Lulu also now has a store called Ivivva, which sells smaller versions of the Lulu clothes.  Here are some of Lulu’s things:

Define Jacket $99

Astro Pant $98

Scoop neck tank $52



How to shop at Forever 21

31 Jan

Forever 21 is a great store to shop at, you just have to know how.  First off it is super cheap, probably the main reason why it is so popular.  But that low price comes at a price (lame joke!).  Forever 21 stores are HUGE, and their stock is not organized, so in order to find a few cute pieces you have to look through the racks for about an hour.  Not only does Forever 21 sell clothes but it also sells make up, accessories, nail polish, and just about every other thing you could think of.  Don’t expect very good quality, because you get what you pay for!  Here are my fave pieces from Forever right now:

Purple sweater dress - $20ish

Glitter Nail Polish-$2.50

I saw a set of “chunky glitter” polishes last time I was there!



Hope you liked my post!




All images from http://www.forever21.com

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