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How to apply nail stickers

26 Feb

Here is a tutorial on how to apply nail stickers!  I am using Sally Hanson Salon Effects  in “Mod about you” (around $10).  This is what came in the box (different brands probably have different things that come in the box):

1.  To start, push your cuticles back, file your nails, remove any polish or dirt, etc.

2. Chose the sticker that best fits your nail

3.  Peel off the front protector (if any), and the back of the sticker

4.  Place the sticker on your nails, and fold down the extra part

5.  File off the extra part

6.  Your nail should now look something like this

7. Repeat steps 2-6 untill you are done with all of your nails

Sorry about the picture quality, I am not very good with a camera.  Also,  this post is just to give you an idea of how to apply nail stickers.  When in doubt rely on the directions in the box, all brands have a different way of being applied.  Send me a pic if you did this!




Nail Care

15 Feb

After having the nail stickers on my nails for 3 weeks my nails were in quite a state.  Turns out that the rule that you should only leave nail polish on for 2 weeks at a time is true!  Anyway, I want to put the next set of stickers on, so I have been using various products to try to get my nails back in shape.  First, I used Burt’s Bees cuticle cream (it’s basically a type of lotion that goes on your nails on cuticles).  That worked pretty well, and my nails and cuticles were much smoother.  It also smelled like lemons! Then I tried this type of (clear) nail polish that heals your nail.  The stuff I am using now (it’s called Rejuvacote) is used by putting a new coat on your nails every day for a week, and then taking it off at the end of the week.  I bet there are billions of different types of these products, so don’t just rely on these ones!  Email me/comment if you liked this post, or if you have done this kind of thing before.



Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream $6.00

Duri cosmetics Rejuvacote $14.00

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