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Nail Stickers Study-Sally Hansen Nail Stickers

9 Mar

I am sad to say, that after just 10 days one of the stickers has already chipped off!  I can’t believe that the CLAIRE’S ones stayed on longer than these.  As you can see, they are chipping most on my right hand, probobly because I am a righty.  My nails are really ugly, so I will need to give them a break for a while.  I took off the stickers on 3/7.  Here is a picture of before I took them off:




How to apply nail stickers

26 Feb

Here is a tutorial on how to apply nail stickers!  I am using Sally Hanson Salon Effects  in “Mod about you” (around $10).  This is what came in the box (different brands probably have different things that come in the box):

1.  To start, push your cuticles back, file your nails, remove any polish or dirt, etc.

2. Chose the sticker that best fits your nail

3.  Peel off the front protector (if any), and the back of the sticker

4.  Place the sticker on your nails, and fold down the extra part

5.  File off the extra part

6.  Your nail should now look something like this

7. Repeat steps 2-6 untill you are done with all of your nails

Sorry about the picture quality, I am not very good with a camera.  Also,  this post is just to give you an idea of how to apply nail stickers.  When in doubt rely on the directions in the box, all brands have a different way of being applied.  Send me a pic if you did this!



Nail Stickers Study-Taking Claire’s Stickers off

13 Feb

So, I origonally put these Claire’s nail stickers on on 1/28, and today on 2/12 I am taking them off!  They still look perfect!  There is a pic of them tonight at the bottom of the post.  I will post a pic of my Sally Hanson nail stickers, and a how to put them on post soon. I need to give my nails a couple days to breath!



Nail Stickers – Study Claire’s (update)

8 Feb

Wow, my $7 Claire’s nail stickers are still going strong! No chips yet!  And this is the twelfth day (the box said they would stay on for ten).  I really want to move on to the next brand though… I might take them off soon.  What do you think I should do?  If you are wondering what I am doing read the earlier posts in this category.



Nail Stickers Study-Claire’s

30 Jan

On Saturday I was at Claire’s  shopping for a certain younger friend of mine, and I saw super cute nail stickers ($7)!  I think they took me 6 or 7 mins. to put on.  Saturday was day one of the Claire’s nail stickers, so they haven’t chipped or anything yet…

Here they are:

P.S.  They are cuter in real life!!!




Nail Stickers Study!

29 Jan

As I told you all in the “Nail Polish Addition” post I am trying out the new nail stickers trend. I am going to test out all of the different brands and see which ones work the best and if the stickers really stay on for more than a week. Once I have concluded my study I will post the results!  If you have any experience with them tell me and I will add it to my study!



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