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Room redecorating!

10 Mar

Yay!  I am officially redecorating my room.  Only one problem…  I can’t find any cute room decor for a good price!  Do any of you know where I could get cute decor for a good price???





Great Apps!

23 Feb

Since it is winter break I have been using my iPod touch a lot lately.  Here are my favorite games:

Temple Run- Free-   You guys probably already know about this, but I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.  I this game you run along a track, and have to jump over stuff, slide under stuff, turn corners, and a bunch of other stuff.  This game does not have levels, so you just go until you die, then you start over again.  Here is a website all about Temple run: http://www.templeruncheat.com/.

Doodle Jump- $0.99- Really fun game where you just jump on to platforms, and keeps jumping.  It doesn’t have levels.  This is one of my all time fav apps.

Tiny Tower- Free-  Really fun game!  Grow you own tower, get bitizens (people), and start businesses.

Cut the rope-$0.99 (?)- This game has levels, and basically what you do is try to get the candy to the (good) monster but cutting ropes.

Plants vs. Zombies $2.99- Use various types of plants to keep the Zombies from eating your brains.  This game is not graphic, and it is more fun than it sounds.

Lock Screen- Free or $.99- Create really cool backgrounds for your lock screen. You can even make the gray part colored!

That is only some of my favorite apps!



p.s.  No, I did not forget angry birds,  I really don;t think that game is as good as everybody says it is.

How to wear sweat shirts

16 Feb

Everybody likes to cozy up in their favorite sweatshirt, and here is a few rules on how to do it and still look cute:

1. NEVER wear matching sweat pants and shirts (unless you are doing an athletic activity or something like that).

2. Always make sure that the shirt or cami under your sweatshirt goes with your sweat shirt, don’t just pair them randomly

3. Be careful when zipping you sweat shirt up all the way (especially juicy/velour sweat shirts).

4. If you are wearing a sweat shirt as a the main part of your out fit make sure you are wearing and actual shirt under it.  You WILL get too hot, and you WILL regret wearing nothing under your sweat shirt.

Hope you liked my tips!



Juicy Couture – Origional Velour Hoody $98

American Eagle – AE striped terry hoody $39.50

Nail Stickers Study-Taking Claire’s Stickers off

13 Feb

So, I origonally put these Claire’s nail stickers on on 1/28, and today on 2/12 I am taking them off!  They still look perfect!  There is a pic of them tonight at the bottom of the post.  I will post a pic of my Sally Hanson nail stickers, and a how to put them on post soon. I need to give my nails a couple days to breath!



What do you want to see on this blog?

2 Feb

What type of posts would you like to see on this blog?  Which posts do I do best?



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