“Salon Express” Nail Stamper

21 Jun

Recently I got the “Salon Express” Nail Stamper.  For this I used Sinful colors dark purple (I don’t know the name), over Megan by Zoya.  Make sure the polish you are using as the design is thick enough, or else the design won’t come out as good.  The kit came with a stamper, a scraper, 5 differant design plates, and a thing to put the the plate you are using on.  Here is a quick tutorial (sorry the pics are so bad, it’s hard to take pics with one hand!):



Megan and unnamed Sinful colors polish



Chose a design (I will use the squares), and clean the scraper, the stamper, and the design you will be using if you have gotten polish on the plate.  Keep a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it close by to do some cleaning.



Cover the design you want with the nail polish of your choice.



Scrape off the top layer of polish, so just the design shows through.



Press the stamper down hard on the design, so that you pick up the whole thing.



Press the stamper down on your nail.  You will probably have to clean the edges.



The finished look!





Here is a picture of the directions on the box:






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