Nail Polish Addition

29 Jan

Last week I painted my nail for the first time in a LONG time.  I felt so glamorous every time I reached out to get some thing with my super glam nails!  I have been collecting nail polish since I was about three, and thrown out about 5 bottles over the years.  You might have already guessed that I have a TON of nail polish.  I love to make combinations of glitter nail polish over plain, and crackle over plain.  I made a card of examples of my different combinations of polish. Here it is (each section is labeled with a letter, and each outcome is a letter and a number):

Nail Polish Addition

Nail Polish Addition

(a) Not all that Glitters is Gold – Pair a solid color under a thin contrasting or matching           glitter coat

a1. Light Blue+Fine white glitter mixed with big purple and blue                                            a2. Black+Fine blue and purple

(b) Opposites Attract Attention – Pair contrasting colors of base coat and crackle for a wow factor

b1. Bright green+Bright pink crackle                                                                                            b2. Red+Gold crackle

(c)One Color Wonder

c1.  Neon Pink (or purple, or orange, or yellow) is a great pop of color                                c2. Glittery white is great on its own or as a base color                                                           c3. Purple is a must have color                                                                                                      c4.Gun metal black with a touch of shine                                                                                      c5. Super cute coral                                                                                                                                 c6. Classic red

Theres are also examples of different glitter textures at the bottom of the card.

If you don’t want to break out the polish you could also try the latest trend, nail stickers. Depending on what brand you buy they are about $7-$10.  They come with 16ish nail stickers, so that they will most nail sizes.  Try them and tell me how you do!!!




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