Friendship Bracelets

29 Jan

Friendship bracelets are my favorite summer (and winter) craft.  They are easy, cheap, and fun to make.  I have made hundreds of them for my friends and family.  To start go to Micheal’s (or any other cheap craft store) and pick up some embroidery thread.  The first design you should learn is probably the chinese staircase, or twister.  After you master that you can go on to candy stripe, and then arrow.  I could go on and on about all of the different advanced patterns but for now let’s start with the basics.

Chinese Stair Case

1.  Start by tying four (or more) strands of what ever color you want, and taping your strands on to a hard surface or safety pinning them to your pants (the length depends on your wrist size, a good rule of thumb is to make it double the length from your elbow to your wrist).

2. Then, take one strand out and lay it over the other strands so it makes a four.

3.  Reach into the four and pull the end of the string through the hole.

4. Tighten the strand.

5. Repet steps 2-4 untill your knotted part is an inch long.  Your knots should go around the bracelet and create a spiral.

6.  Take another color and repeat knotting 1 inch with all of the colors until your bracelet is long enough.

If you have mastered this pattern you can move on to the more advanced patterns.

Go to  for some more cool patterns.  If you don’t want to do that there are a bunch of other websites, book, and other kinds of directions about friendship bracelets.




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